Anónimo ha dicho: Benjamin Caron (One of the MMFD Directors) posted a pic on Instagram 6 days ago. Nico commented and Ben replied "... Catch up in the new year". Dan-D-Dan-D-Daaan lol




Sorry I’m late replying everything!! 

Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s quite interesting, because 1) why are they going to talk in new year’s?!?!?!?!! is it MMFD relateddd????? 2) if we could choose directors for a (possible) s3, Ben Caron and Anthony Philipson would be my 1-2 guys. They were amazing at their job AND they shared things on social networks while filming, which was super exciting at the time.

You know, waiting for a confirmation or whatever about S3 is a roller coaster… I wish we could have a better idea, PLEASE TOM, GIVE US SOMETHINGGGG!!!

Anyway, here’s the screencap of that convo you told me about, thanks again!

curvygirlonabudget theblanknotebook facephase chavelaprincess irish-girl-84 blue—green im-an-emu Emus!

Thank you Ana and Anon for the extra bit of hope!

Thank you so much for sharing this,I’m definitely feeling more positive now,I just hope news of another series will be announced soon.


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Oh jeez! This brings so much hope!


curvygirlonabudget facephase blue—green irish-girl-84 chavelaprincess
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